Friday, November 25, 2011

practicing gratitude

I have learned, especially amongst the poor, that gratitude is a fundamental human attitude. If we don't want to live our lives as resentful people, we must live our lives as grateful people. - Dean Brackley, SJ 1946 - 2011

I am grateful for:
watermelon, orange and banana smoothies after a great bike ride up and down the hills of this city
kids who scream my name (SENORITA OLIIIVIIAAA) as I walk by their classroom
the view of the volcano (during the day) and the stars (at night) from my roof
friends who drop by at any hour for a cup of coffee
delicious coffee from ANADES's organic farm and vanilla soymilk from the soy project in San Ramon
leaving work at 5:00 sharp, when all the moms and dads wave hello and goodbye
flowers blooming in November
the bark of my neighbors dog, welcoming me home
hugs from Abner, a really special kid
one cent limes
"te quiero"
the tears from that mother two days ago
the noise and life in the centro, downtown
systems of support

What are you grateful for?

1 comment:

  1. Jayne,
    Christmas cookies,
    Flor de Navidad,
    The smell of growing rosemary,
    The vendors at Hay Market that ask "where have you been?" when I'm absent more than a week,
    My nephew's certainty that "I hear santa in the chimney!"
    the letter L, as written cursive, and its endless, curvy possibilities...