Monday, May 16, 2011

sing, even if you hate your voice and have a cold

This morning, I started my Monday off right. I brought my beautiful guitar to Centro Hogar, recently painted by an artist friend. Every Monday morning, the kids put on the weekly assembly, where one of the classes gets to put on some kind of folkloric dance, or a play, or something else special and creative. This week, one of my coworkers suggested I participate, because the kids aren't exposed to live music very often, and it just so happens that I play guitar.

So I spent Sunday learning "Sombrero Azul," a song about the beauty and strength of the Salvadoran people, and this morning in the assembly I told the babies, listen, I have a cold, so if you know this song you can help me sing okay? Everyone can sing - did you know?

Everyone can sing. Even me, even me who hates my singing voice, and even when I'm too shy or too quiet to even be heard, everyone can sing! Even when I hate my voice, and even when I have a cold and sound like I've just smoked a pack of cigarettes. The beautiful thing about trying to teach self-confidence to kids is that we adults have to believe it too.

So, SeƱorita Lucy held the microphone for me and we all sang, and I played my little guitar, and it was just a beautiful moment.

Dear El Salvador, thanks for always leading me towards liberation and away from fear.



  1. Liv, this is SUCH a beautiful post! I'm sorry I just now got it! I've been running around with my parents in Boston -- woot graduation, round 2 -- and trying to finish finals before that.

    Now all is free and clear, sans job, and I'm actually reading things that are lovely and good -- like this post. *hugs* for liberation! *HUGS* for friendship!

    I love you Olivia!

  2. Oh, and that guitar of yours is the prettiest thing I have ever seen with strings!

  3. Liverpool- That guitar is gorgeous! I also have a date with my computer to send you a long email tonight. Get ready for Tolstoy-length self-reflection.

  4. <3 This makes ME feel like singing.