Sunday, March 20, 2011


I hate reading blog posts that start with "sorry I've been gone for so long...." So instead, I'll just say that life has been moving faster than I can keep up with, and as this place becomes my home more and more, there are fewer stories I feel I can share with you. It's not that nothing is happening; there is a lot happening. It's just, sometimes the new wears off and it becomes harder to recognize the extraordinary in my ordinary life. But I need to take the time to reflect, process, and share stories. It's good for me. And I know there are stories worth sharing. It is just a matter of paying attention.

This past week, I joined the other members of the Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM) for our annual retreat. There are volunteers serving in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, and this retreat is the only time of the year when we are all together. We come together to share stories and just be community for one another. I am lucky to be a part of this beautiful community, surrounded by a lot of wisdom and compassion.

The retreat was at the top of a mountain overlooking Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, which is actually the most beautiful place I have ever been in my life. The lake is enormous, and surrounded by ancient volcanoes and little towns and villages. I wish I could share with you the deep peace that comes with being in that place. There is some kind of ancient wisdom there but I just couldn't wrap my head around it. The stars feel really close. And there is something about being in BIG nature - nature that makes you feel small and humble - that is so good for my soul. It reminds that all my problems and worries and really nothing at all.

I want to share stories from my life, but it is hard. Some things are really heavy. There is a lot of suffering in the world. And some of it touches me. The thing that brings me hope in the midst of the harsh reality, though, is beauty. There is so much beauty.

More later. For now, I am reflecting on the VMM Spirit and Lifestyle. Read it. I connect with this mission on a deep level, but I just don't have the words to say any more right now.


  1. CHICA!!!!!! I didn't realize you were going to Atitlan! SWEET! I've been thinking about that place a lot these past two weeks, and sharing it with you two years back. So much has happened since then.

    You were on holy ground. I'm glad Creation was nourishing you. She does that to me too sometimes.

    Not the same, I know, but I saw crocuses this weekend while out walking and I felt a little healed and hope-filled. Just to see the purple and love the earth for give life.

    Thanks for writing and sharing your pictures. They are soulful too, REALLY soulful.

    Love, K

  2. Wow, these pictures are incredible, Liver! I have often had similar feelings about mountains. Give me nature over a Church any day for truly worshiping God.

  3. I wish I could thumbs-up Kate's comment.